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Forward Unto Dawn (Battle Track)

Here is a nice little Battle Track I composed a couple of weeks ago. I’m a big Halo fan and have always loved the music score in the game series. So I thought “hey I’m going to try and make a beat using a Halo sample”.  Well, even though it was one of those experimental concepts I usually do when I’m on the what to do next vibe, it came out pretty decent. It was one of those tracks where I  needed a challenge, something to do. So what I did was a track by track hard disk recording into Adobe Audition cs6. The way I did it was to lay the Sample down and I turned it into a loop, this became the main focus of the track. The drums I  did the same way. I then used the Yamaha CS1x for other electronic elements by punching in and out on certain parts. Even though there’s no midi functions in CS6, I did use the metronome that was falling in and out of sync. The sample at the beginning and towards the end came from the movie “Spawn”, it’s the Clown, perfect setup for the MC Battle! As far as breaks, there is a slight change in the usual spots like at the 25th bar ect. Other than that, it’s just a simple track with a few synth items coming together.